Lodi Rules


Michael Klouda Wines has made it our goal to only source wine grapes from sustainably farmed vineyards.

Sustainable farming is;

Compost soil

A grower doing everything he can to protect and preserve his land and community for future generations.

drip line 3

Using cover crops and compost instead of synthetic fertilizers, which can contaminate ground water.

hand and soil

Creating and preserving wild life habitat in and around vineyards, providing more biodiversity and a place for native species to thrive.

Spring shot 6

Closely monitoring vine water stress to be able to use the least amount of water necessary and dry farming when possible.

pressure bomb

Protecting beneficial insects in the vineyard by using the gentlest pesticides available and using them sparingly.

Bee lavendar

Providing economic opportunity for employees and the local community.

To learn more about the Lodi Rules certificate of sustainability CLICK HERE.




There are thousands of ways my growers practice sustainable farming, these are just a few.





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